Genealogy, Research, and History are very interesting topics to me. All of the old stories from the past still have tales to tell.

If you listen, you will learn something.

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Welcome to Predecessor Pro, the most curious blog and website on genealogy, family, research, and history. I hope to make genealogy more accessible for the average Jane and Joe.  My intention is to show you what I like to do when it comes to genealogy and how I like to do it. I hope to show you that this kind of thing can be fun and interesting.  I'd also like to include you in some discussions of anthropology and history.

For those that don't already know me, my name is Trevor Stasik.  I spend my days working as a Prospect Researcher for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. My nights and weekends I spend relaxing with friends and family, enjoying books and movies, and doing genealogy.  I first became interested in genealogy about 2 years ago  at my Grandmother's 80th birthday party. 

At that party, my Uncle Mark gave Grandma a family tree that he created. There were people in there that I had never met, such as my Great-Grandma Grace Kerstetter.  She was a wonderful woman who passed away at age 31, shortly after my Grandfather passed away. I never met Grace. I never knew much about her.  However, the tree that my Uncle put together lit a fire under me to learn more.

Which brings me to this site.  Genealogy can be intimidating.  There can be a lot of information, much of it hard to find.  Wouldn’t it just be more enjoyable to rock out to some music or play a video game?  Maybe in the short term, but you can get a lot of long term pleasure learning about the stories of your family.  When you begin to discovering the things that made you the unique person that you are, you can also find how your life fits into the genetic puzzle.

I hope you will follow me on this journey. 



I recently completed my first short eBook titled, "The Family Business:  Genealogy and Family Money", and I have started to write my next book which will be about how to include the hobbies of family members in your genealogy.  I expect to publish electronically through the Amazon Kindle store in late 2015.  

I am a fan of family research and I am currently the Recording Secretary, a officer of the Phoenix Genealogical Society.






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