I had a few quick scheduling notes and then couple of questions. 

First the scheduling notes - By request, I am expecting to post on the topic of Swiss Immigration into Pennsylvania on December 1st; and then on December 8th, I’m expecting to touch on the history and use of the Nobiliary Particle.  On December 15th, I plan on discussing the early history of pinball. I will post up something holiday related on December 22nd. Finally, I will finish up the month with a live blog/tweet of the poem “The Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve (still working on how to best present this one). 

After that, I will take a break for a week, until January 5th when I will return.

Now, the questions:
     1) What do you love or hate most about genealogy? 
     2) What stops you from researching your family history?
Please let me know what you think.


Also, I hope that you will keep your eyes open for my new short Kindle e-book that will be coming out in the next month or two. It is titled “The Family Business: Genealogy and Family Money” by Trevor Stasik. This book will introduce you to the concepts of including a family business and family money in your genealogical story.