The Crypt Keeper of Generations

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I recently gave a speech to my Toastmasters group. I chose to discuss the fascinating and historical time capsule known as The Crypt of Civilization. The speech may be a little difficult to read, as this speech requires a focus on “Rhetorical Devices,” and I used a lot of them. If you have any trouble following, feel free to skip to the bottom where I simplify and summarize the meaning of my speech. So, without further ado...

The Crypt Keeper of Generations

Our civilization, as we know it, may end someday. But, our civilization, as we would like it to be known, should live on.

Civilization, as defined by Wikipedia, is “any complex state society characterized by urban development, social stratification, symbolic communication forms, and a perceived separation from and domination over the natural environment.”

Where were you in 2013? Were you working for Make-A-Wish? Were you in College or at another employer? What was your average day like? Most likely, it’s hard to remember the details from that year. Nobody was worried about things like Ebola or ISIS. The iPhone 5 was the hip new gadget. And Robin Williams was still making jokes. 

Where do you think you will be in 2023? Will we have flying cars or hoverboards yet? How about in 2113, nearly 100 years from now? Will mankind marvelously return to the moon? Will people even speak English in the year 3113? By 4113, I imagine we will all be teleporting using particle matter transfer devices. 

By 5113 - Are you following me? Oh, let’s jump ahead a few more millennia. 

Where will we be in the year 8113? I suspect that a lot will have changed in the intervening time, but one piece of our current civilization will hopefully remain unchanged:  The Crypt of Civilization.

                    The Crypt of Civilization

                    The Crypt of Civilization

Buried deep under Oglethorpe University and sealed behind a welded steel door, the time capsule known as the Crypt of Civilization has laid dormant since its inception in 1940. This airtight chamber was designed to outlast everything until it’s scheduled opening more than 6,000 years from now.  

Quietly, so quietly... Inside the solid stone structure sits stoic stores of science. Recordings of radical rants of the reviled, the wretched, and the rebellious rest remarkably well. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and more; these voices may be memorialized magnanimously; memories age as ages wither away the scorn freshly lain. Heroes like FDR heartily hide here as well, hoping upon hope to provide historical heft, balancing boldness against the hazards of hopelessness. 

The crypt contains much, much, much more. Scriptures of the Bible and the Quran are preserved peacefully next to one another. 

Items of daily use are included within; typewriters and dental floss, and Lincoln Logs, and the Lone Ranger, and a big bottle of Budwiser beer all wait to be unveiled someday.

A plaque was fused to the door of the time capsule that says, “Message to the Generations of 8113.” 

In a way, this statement affixed to the Crypt of Civilization is not simply a declarative statement. It is an imperative statement. It is there to tell us that we should leave a message to the generations of 8113. Furthermore, we should live a message for the generations of 8113… Live our lives in the way that we would want our life to be remembered. Live like there is a tomorrow.

Today, we must think of the tomorrows, that will be yesterdays of our future. We ought to seek out time and slay her like a mighty dragon, fire deep in our bellies to protect the past. We would do well to see timelessness in our time. 

If not within us, you and me, and ourselves, then in capsules of time that humans have left for future discovery. Deep within the Crypt. The Crypt of...

Civilization......... Civilization........ Civilization....

The year 8113 is not so far away. Shall our civilization live on? Live on our civilization shall.

In Summary

In simple English, the key points you should takeaway from my speech are:

  1. There is a huge time capsule to be opened in 8113 filled with cool stuff from the 1940s.
  2. The time capsule is a message to the future, to show them how we lived.
  3. We should all live our lives to the fullest, and live the way we would want to be remembered.

Okay, now you should click on some of the links below to learn more about this Crypt of Civilization. It is really awesome to read about!

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